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Cuphead for Xbox One/PC



3071 reviews
3071 reviews

$ 25.48

Cuphead Xbox One/PC

$ 25.48

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Cuphead Xbox One/PC
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Cuphead for Xbox One/PC

Language: English

Platform: Xbox Live


You may have signed your soul away to the Devil, but do you have the skill and determination to win it back? Inspired by the animation style of the 1930s, Cuphead is a classic run and gun video game with award-winning art and music. To repay their debt to the Devil, brothers Cuphead and Mugman must collect the soul contracts of the Devil’s debtors for a chance to save their own souls.

What Makes Cuphead an Award-Winning Game?

The charming animation of the game is a masterpiece in art. With each frame painstakingly drawn by hand and given watercolour backgrounds, the gameplay is elevated from mere action-adventure to an artistic experience. But there’s so much more to Cuphead than its visuals! Original jazz recordings provide the background score for legendary boss battles and action-packed platforms as Cuphead travels through the Inkwell Isles and faces seemingly invincible enemies.

Exciting Features of the Gameplay

While players must navigate the game as its titular hero Cuphead, the game also offers a two-player local cooperative mode allowing a second player to take on the role of Mugman. The time taken to emerge victorious over a boss, the exchange of attacks and defences during battles, all impact the grade given to players after completing a level. Weapons and special abilities can be purchased with coins collected during gameplay.

Reimagining Boss Battles

Epic boss battles are the focal point of the game with each boss being animated to possess unique characteristics. Every battle feels exciting and unsettling at the same time! Cuphead is uncompromising in its difficulty, but mastering the different types of weapons and powerful super moves may successfully take you to your final boss battle.

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