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Europa Universalis III: Complete for PC



1681 reviews
1681 reviews

$ 3.95

Price per piece

Europa Universalis III: Complete PC

$ 3.95

Price per piece

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Europa Universalis III: Complete PC
  • No hidden costs!
  • Over 1mln satisfied customers!
  • 100% Product guarantee!
  • 24/7 Customer Live Support!
  • Code delivered instantly!

Europa Universalis III: Complete for PC

Language: English

Platform: Steam


Delve into a stellar strategy game with free control over dynamics that transform nations into global empires.

A Breathtakingly Complex Strategy Game

With accurate historical landscapes, Europa Universalis III lets players experience more than 300 years of empire building which can begin at any date between 1399 and 1821. Players are spoiled for choice as they craft a nation out of a variety of government archetypes, societal structures and more. Every choice takes on national importance as players make decisions regarding trade, economy and war. Not only does the game offer over 300 playable countries, but also lets players select heavyweights such as Mozart, Descartes, etc. as court advisors. To make the game even more immersive, both single player and multiplayer modes are available with different countries under the command of different players.

The Europa Universalis III: Complete package includes the main Europa Universalis III game, and two expansions - In Nomine and Napoleon’s Ambition.

Tactical Decisions Never End with Europa Universalis III: Complete

The Napolean’s Ambition Expansion brings with it a longer timeline which means new leaders, countries and tactical decisions. A more intricate trading system provides players with additional information necessary to carry out successful trades as well as the ability to focus on specific trading centers.

Excited to Face Tougher Challenges?

The In Nomine Expansion includes missions tied to real-life historical events that players can choose to complete. Additionally, in case you are of the opinion that your nation would progress better if you had more control, worry not. The expansion grants players greater control over provincial and national level progress. The ‘rebel with a cause’ mechanic and religious tolerance element add further layers of strategy to challenge players.

Build your nation from the ground up in Europa Universalis III and prepare to engage with historical leaders as you pave your way to greatness!

System Requirements

Minimum EUROPA UNIVERSALIS III: COMPLETE system requirements for PC

CPU: Pentium 4/Athlon XP or better.


RAM: 512 MB.

OS: Windows 2000/XP.

VIDEO CARD: 128 MB Video RAM graphic card, with pixel shader 2.0, compatible with DirectX 9.0C.




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