Frequently Ask Questions

To help you understand our products and services better and facilitate an easy and fun user experience, we have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions with their corresponding answers. In case your particular query or concern is not addressed in the below list, please feel free to contact our support professionals via the 24/7 Live Chat box (bottom right corner of your screen) for a quick response or visit our Contact Page for alternate ways to get in touch.

Q. How will my digital code be delivered?

A. After your payment is successfully processed, your digital code will be sent to the email address you provided when filling up the form for your preferred payment method.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive my digital code?

A. You will receive your digital code within a few seconds of us receiving your payment.

Q. I have not received my digital code! What went wrong?

A. Provided the payment was processed successfully, one of two things could have happened to your digital code. 

Your code may have been delivered to the ‘Spam Folder’ of your Email Inbox. If yes, please mark it as ‘Not Spam’ to ensure future digital codes are received correctly.

      2. The email address you provided was incorrect. If this is indeed the case, you would have to contact our support professionals via the 24/7 Live Chat box (bottom right corner of your screen) or visit our Contact Page for alternate ways to get in touch.

Q. Are the digital codes you sell legal?

A. Yes, all our digital codes are 100% legitimate as they are sourced from authorized dealers. 

Q. Why are your digital codes cheaper than other sites?

A. We supply some of the gaming industry’s cheapest digital codes because we purchase them in bulk from licensed distributors. In addition to this, being a ‘web-shop’ that sells ‘digital codes’ only, we charge zero shipping/handling costs to our customers.

Q. How can I trust you?

A. Our web-shop is a member of the Webshop Trustmark Foundation – The world’s most widespread and trusted Trustmark for shops offering products and services via the internet. In addition to complying  with the laws and rules laid down by the Webshop Trustmark Foundation, we add a double layer of protection by encrypting your personal information during the payment process via a secure HTTPS connection.

Q. What console/platform is my digital code compatible with?

A. You can find information about a digital codes’ compatibility on the respective code’s web-page. If in case you are still unsure of any codes’ specifications, please contact our support professionals via the 24/7 Live Chat box (bottom right corner of your screen) before making your purchase or visit our Contact Page for alternate ways to get in touch. 

Q. How can I activate my digital code?

A. For a step-by-step guide on how to activate your digital code please see our How it works page.

Please note that each digital code publisher has their own code redeeming procedures. If in case you are unsure of how to redeem your digital code, please contact our support professionals via the 24/7 Live Chat box (bottom right corner of your screen) or visit our Contact Page for alternate ways to get in touch.

Q. My code is invalid or not working, what can I do?

A. For all ‘invalid code’ complaints please contact our support professionals via the 24/7 Live Chat box (bottom right corner of your screen) or visit our Contact Page for alternate ways to get in touch.

Q. My Gift Card and/or Membership code is ‘region locked’, how do I fix this? 

A. Most Gift Cards & Memberships are region locked and/or currency specific so please be sure to check the product image and description carefully before purchasing. Getting in touch with our support team will help clarify the problem and inform you about possible solutions. You may contact them via the 24/7 Live Chat box (bottom right corner of your screen) or visit our Contact Page for alternate ways to get in touch.

Q. Can I get my digital code delivered to my home address? 

A. No, unfortunately you can’t get your digital code home delivered. We only sell digital products that are available on online and are delivered digitally to your email address upon purchase. 

Q. I'm trying to place an order but I can’t seem to go past the payment page, can you help me?

A. This usually happens when you choose the credit card mode of payment. Many banks perform a security check when you make a payment online to prevent Credit Card Frauds like fraudulent charges and/or identity theft. This is usually done to protect the interests of ‘you’ their customer and often leads to annoying yet necessary barriers to you successfully completing a payment online. To help resolve this, you must contact your bank immediately and verify that it was indeed you who was trying to make the payment and request them to authorize it.

Q. I pre-ordered a game but didn’t receive the code?

A. Delivery of pre-ordered game codes are subject to the availability of the game (Check the game release date on the product page for an estimated time of delivery). There are however times when your code might already be available to you but you can’t activate it till the said game is released by its publisher in the market.

In case a game has already been released and you haven’t received your code or are unable to activate it, please contact our support professionals for assistance via the 24/7 Live Chat box (bottom right corner of your screen) or visit our Contact Page for alternate ways to get in touch.

Q. I accidentally bought the wrong product. Can I replace it or get a refund?

A. In the unfortunate event of accidentally buying a wrong product, please contact our support professionals for assistance via the 24/7 Live Chat box (bottom right corner of your screen) or visit our Contact Page for alternate ways to get in touch.

For concerns and queries we’ve not covered in the above FAQs, please feel free to contact our Live Chat customer support team that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit our Contact Page for a complete list of ways you can contact us.


If you have received the incorrect code or accidental purchased a digital code with country restrictions, please contact our helpdesk /  Live Chat available 24/7.

Click the 'Contact' link just below for full contact information. 


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I was pretty suspicious of the site at first but I have to admit the process wasn't as difficult as I anticipated. You have to spoof your ip address for a little bit but the instructions provided are very effective. I would buy from them again.

8/15/2018 7:16:30 AM

Carla helped me and I must say she is the best. She made it all seem simple and got me up and running.

8/15/2018 3:50:02 AM

WOW!! (no pun intended) Easiest purchase ever! Will buy again!

8/13/2018 8:58:32 PM

It was a great experience, and I plan on making future purchases. My only issue was that it did not specify or disclaim that this is not the MOJANG Original. But a Microsoft version of minecraft.

8/12/2018 10:45:52 PM

Totally fair, reasonable prices.

8/11/2018 5:31:26 AM

Good price, quick service.

8/10/2018 3:34:12 PM

Awesome and fast. Product was exactly as advertised.

8/10/2018 6:41:21 AM

Very fast very reliable took a few min Dutch other than that good job

8/10/2018 6:34:55 AM

Good website, good livechat. It works perfectly and I bought the game less than xbox store. I liked it.

8/8/2018 11:05:58 PM

The activation work like a charm

8/7/2018 10:11:01 PM

Thanks! Will buy from again!

8/7/2018 4:27:01 AM

Everything worked out better then I thought it would thanks!

8/6/2018 3:47:25 PM

Great site to find the best deals.

8/6/2018 8:21:38 AM

I love sites that provide these kinds of offers takes just little bit to process but in the end becomes worth it I saved $25 from retail this purchase is totally worth your money I’m definitely recommending this to those who need it

8/6/2018 1:45:43 AM


8/4/2018 5:29:58 AM

Easy transaction. Good prices.

7/31/2018 4:54:32 PM

Found a CD key for a game that's normally $25 for less than $5. I was completely planning on getting scammed but already had a new debit card in the mail to activate if it happened and figured 5 bucks was worth the gamble. However, after paying, I received an email within minutes that had a valid key. Game was downloaded, installed and running less than an hour later. I plan on using them again!

7/27/2018 2:35:04 PM

I really love this site

7/25/2018 11:11:06 PM

Terrible experience. Stick to CDKEYS.COM this site is terrible. Got a code that was unable to validate in the north america on steam. After emailing them to fix the issue, their solution was instead of giving me a new code, they simply claim i failed their verification process so i will be refunded my money. Dont purchase off this site stay away. rather pay full price for a game then to ever deal with this shi* service again.

7/23/2018 4:26:59 PM

Little sketchy especially uploading a picture of my credit card but worked as I had hoped and was a great price. I would go back again

7/21/2018 7:18:40 PM

Cheapest game codes for real!

7/20/2018 10:38:41 PM

Smooth transaction. Recommended.

7/18/2018 2:29:29 AM

This actually works and is not a scammer, I was so damn scared to do all the extra steps but it works y'all. Abrbjskqksllwkdnfjjqjsj bots can't do that. So yea go ahead my guys

7/16/2018 1:02:30 AM

Perfect transaction. Tyvm!

7/15/2018 9:02:57 PM

this product is so great. my children love to play this game, and i watch them from the couch. i hope everyone willl get a taste of this beautifully made game!!!!!!!

7/14/2018 4:22:46 PM

Oh my gosh, I am so pleased with these people. At first I thought it was a scam, but in the end, it wasn't! Although it took a while, I forgive them. I got a deal! One hell of a deal! I will be returning cheapestgamecards! Note: You will have to reply to an email. But it's fine. No scam.

7/11/2018 7:56:13 AM

Convenient, Inexpensive and Timely!

7/6/2018 9:04:21 PM

Excellent service

7/6/2018 1:30:27 AM

Very good customer service

7/6/2018 12:47:31 AM

Good service and very good thanks

7/6/2018 12:43:56 AM

Great service

7/6/2018 12:39:32 AM

It's a little difficult using the app

7/5/2018 4:20:56 PM

Worked! Was skeptical to use glad i did! they cared about my security!

7/4/2018 2:35:14 PM

Got the code, reasonably well, never tried, but man was I glad I got this code! Thank you Jay!

6/27/2018 8:41:25 PM

Cheap and easy I have just bught one game, it was a good deal Fast n easy.

6/23/2018 12:26:10 AM

Got the code instantly and it *does* include the full Minecraft game. Definitely the cheapest way to get it on Xbox One right now.

6/19/2018 10:19:52 PM

Fast service and it is cheap

6/19/2018 7:12:02 PM

Got the code really quick. Worked really well. Just make sure you have uk/ Europe version of fm18 otherwise it won’t work

6/13/2018 2:22:45 AM


6/13/2018 12:14:38 AM

My order was processed and delivered as stated on the site. Great transaction.

6/10/2018 3:16:36 PM


6/9/2018 2:21:15 AM

Not perfect, but does what was needed at hand. Every now and then there might be a slight error but nothing they can’t fix. Super fast service!!❤️

6/5/2018 2:10:23 AM

Worked out ok.

6/3/2018 7:45:53 PM

Price was great and received code in just a few seconds. Couldn't ask for better:)

5/25/2018 1:45:22 PM

Saving me money with a simple, easy process is my kind of buying experience!

5/25/2018 4:47:33 AM

Very fast service. Good prices! Awesome support! Recommend it!

5/18/2018 5:49:13 PM

got the code in under half an hour in my email and worked just fine on my ps4. wish they would mention the fees that are added on but it was still under the normal cost of the ps plus price. I still saved some money.

5/18/2018 4:32:41 PM

I followed the directions on my xbox live global CD key. Worked perfectly. Follow the directions and video, great price no complaints! Thank you!

5/16/2018 8:35:36 PM

great place to save some money on your game cards. Easy and pain free transaction but most of all it works the way they advertise.

5/15/2018 10:54:07 PM

Customer service is great! I paid much less for a game for my son, and first got a broken code, but after just one call to customer service, I got a new code and it worked perfectly. Will definitely purchase from here again. Thanks!

5/15/2018 4:44:08 AM